My Story…

I’ve always had a love of all things automotive and mechanical.

My earliest memory is driving a tractor and needing help to get to the pedals, the thump, thump of the engine is still in the front of my mind.

After spending my teenage life riding motorcycles and customising hot hatches, my passion for all things motoring was established.

I got into the industry through an interest in JDM cars and decided to try my hand at the import process. My first import was a Mitsubishi Pajero which, after weeks of nervous waiting, arrived at the docks where I collected it and eventually sold it. That’s when my hobby turned into a career. I’ve not looked back.

Over time I developed these imports into other popular JDM cars and campervans; I enjoyed it but wanted to add more value for my clients, so eventually I set my targets on the Nissan Figaro and started with a single import. Then, I set myself the goal of building a work team. Now 10 years on it’s a brand that’s recognised by enthusiasts all around the world.

Currently, our company has an impressive management structure with bespoke processing systems that together with my team I have implemented. In more recent years we have branched out into other areas of the modern classic car industry as well as modern car servicing, kit cars, product development, restoration of a wide range of classics, prototyping, crash repair, exports …….. the list is growing.

I’m especially proud of the techniques and processes that allow me and my team to build amazing, bespoke and thorough car builds whilst also making good profits and giving our clients good value.

I love my job and have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge, driven by a strong belief in success through complete transparency in business.


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